01. What is feta cheese?
02. How do we make the feta cheese?
03. Why should I eat feta cheese?
04. Does Feta cheese contain preservatives?
05. Why do we keep the Feta cheese in brine solution?
06. What is brine solution?
07. What are the nutritional facts of feta cheese?
08. What is the fat content of feta cheese?
09. Which is the best cheese to eat if you are healthconscious?
10. What can you cook with feta cheese?
11. Is the Feta cheese made with pasteurized milk?
12. At what temperature should the cheese be kept?
13. Can vegetarians eat feta cheese? Is there any animalrennet inside?
14. What is the shelf life of feta cheese?
15. How long can I store the Feta Cheese, once it has beenopened?